Student Team

Student researcher - Richard Weiss

Richard Weiss

Richard Weiss joined the COVID-19 wastewater biomarker research project as a student in his final year of civil engineering. Richard previously completed a Bachelor of Science degree at McMaster University and an Ontario post-graduate certificate in public relations and corporate communications at Centennial College. After a career in communications and marketing he chose to shift his focus to water resources management. He is excited to contribute to this important initiative and build Ontario’s capacity to reduce the spread of diseases and emerging pathogens.

Tipu Sultan Islam

Tipu joined the COVID-19 wastewater biomarker research project as a volunteer. He is presently in his third year of study at McMaster University for a Life Sciences HBSc. Tipu has experience in producing commercial communications and is passionate about improving public health and water quality assurance measures. He enjoys tacking complex tasks; believes that science best solves problems with an interdisciplinary approach; and looks forward to working with our team to improve Ontario’s COVID-19 response.

Arjun Raha

Arjun Raha

Arjun's interdisciplinary background in biotechnology, mechanical engineering and business management provides him with numerous technical and transferable proficiencies which he hopes to apply in the COVID-19 Waste Water Project. Currently, Arjun is an MASc. candidate in the field of mechanobiology where his research focuses on extracellular matrix components and mechanical cues involved in breast cancer metastasis. Arjun's interests in immunology and public health have driven him to pursue exciting projects such as the COVID-19 Waste Water Project.