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On July 27, 2020, Gail Krantzberg and Zobia Jawed gave interviews with CBC Radio morning shows across Canada. We hope you were able to hear them on one of the shows listed. The segments were not recorded for future listening, however you can read about the project on CBC.ca on our Friday update.

Zobia Jawed’s interview schedule

Gail Krantzberg’s interview schedule

5:45 6:10
TORONTO – Metro Morning
Guest host: Jill Dempsey
Twitter (show): @metromorning
LONDON — London Morning
Host: Rebecca Zandbergen
6:10 6:20
THUNDER BAY – Superior Morning
Host: Lisa Laco
Twitter (host): @morningshowlisa
WINDSOR – Windsor Morning
Tony Doucette – Host
Twitter: @WindsorMorning
6:40 7:00
SUDBURY – Morning North
Host: Markus Schwabe
Twitter (show): @MorningNorth
Twitter (host): @cbcmarkus
Host: Craig Norris
6:50 7:20
KITCHENER-WATERLOO – The Morning Edition NEWFOUNDLAND – Newfoundland Morning
7:20 7:30
WINNIPEG – Information Radio
Host: Marcy Markusa
Twitter: @CBCInfoRad
Saskatoon Morning
Host: Jennifer Quesnel
7:30 8:00
YELLOWKNIFE – The Trailbreaker
Host: Loren McGinnis
Twitter: @TheTrailBreaker
EDMONTON – Edmonton AM
Mark Connolly – Host
Twitter handle @markconnollycbc
8:00 8:10
CALGARY –The Eyeopener
Host: David Gray
Twitter (host David Gray): @graydio1
Show: @cbceyeopener
VICTORIA – On The Island Gregor Craigie – Host
Twitter: @cbcontheisland @GregorCraigie
8:10 8:20
KELOWNA – Daybreak South
Host: Chris Walker
Twitter: @cbckelowna
CAPE BRETON (SYDNEY) – Information Morning
Steve Sutherland – Host
Twitter: @InfoMorningCB
8:20 8:40
KAMLOOPS – Daybreak Kamloops
Host: Shelley Joyce
Twitter: @cbckamloops
ONTARIO – Ontario AM
Wei Chen – Host
Twitter: @CBCOntMorning
8:40 8:50
REGINA – The Morning Edition
Host: Stefani Langenegger, Producer: Janani Whitfield
Twitter handle: @SLangeneggerCBC
VANCOUVER – The Early Edition
Stephen Quinn – Host
Twitter (show): @cbcearlyedition
WHITEHORSE – Yukon Morning
Christine Genier – Host
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