Flushing out COVID-19: Will sewage testing help track pandemic outbreaks in Hamilton?

This article was published in the Flamborough Review on May 25, 2020

Hamilton is eyeing two different research experiments that would test raw sewage for the coronavirus

May 25, 2020
by Matthew Van Dongen
Hamilton Spectator

The city is eyeing two different experiments — including one pitched by McMaster University researchers — that would test sewage flowing into the Woodward treatment plant to measure spikes in coronavirus infection. – Cathie Coward

It turns out pandemic poo could be an early warning system for fresh COVID-19 outbreaks in cities. “We’ve learned the virus stays alive in feces for a long period of time — weeks and weeks,” said McMaster professor and environmental engineering expert Gail Krantzberg. – John Rennison

Hamilton residents could soon help flush out COVID-19 outbreaks with every trip to the loo.

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