CWCO connects municipalities, wastewater treatment operators, labs, private industry partners to grow capacity together

The COVID-19 Wastewater Consortium of Ontario (CWCO) is a grass-roots initiative seeking members across Ontario from industry, private labs, technology firms, government, and universities to help pool resources and expertise to best respond to current and future pandemics. The consortium will work to assess and build capacity through pooled resources while identifying feasible and cost-effective upgrades and retrofits to implement science-based solutions at the local infrastructure level.

CWCO offers a well-coordinated, informed, and shared-value group of wastewater professionals, ensuring that Ontario’s specific interests, benefits, and issues are co-developed by practitioners with practical knowledge of feasibility and on-the-ground realities and risks.

This network will:

  • Maximize efficiency of funding for testing
  • Co-develop local testing, build sustained capacity, and transfer knowledge and expertise to all Ontario municipalities
  • Assess and build capacity while identifying feasible and cost-effective system upgrades and retrofits to implement science-based solutions at the local infrastructure level
  • Undertake bottom-up risk assessment to manage the safety of workers, operators, contractors, and lab technicians at various stages of development and levels

The Research and Development (R&D) investment will provide substantial cost savings in terms of scalability, standardization, and effectiveness of the wastewater testing methods across Ontario

Become a collaborator in wastewater analysis to help manage the spread of SARS-COV2

CWCO is looking for collaborators across Ontario and is open to sharing knowledge and best practices with provinces across Canada as well as internationally. You're invited to contact our principal researchers to discuss.

Principal researchers

If you're interested in collaborating with this initiative, please reach out to Gail or Zobia by email, or complete the form linked above.